这是嘉嘉原创的第147章。我分享了经常听我们摩西的年轻女士的故事。全国连锁xx品牌在哪里开业,生意非常好,有些人是附属的吧?我们也在这里开了一家人。事实上,我们如何,如何开设实体服装店,问题不是一个大问题,但如果你想活得好,只有一个标准,这是同行认可的。开设自己专卖店的少女姐妹,与正规军相比,今天上午的会议报告,这个计划的总结,确实他们看起来并不专业,与同行的电子商务相比,它是侏儒,啥KPI,损失声明事实上,我想教你一种思考方式。实际上,我只需要回答以下三个问题。事实上,指导区域经理访问商店比任何主管更有用。这三个问题是:为什么客人来我家时会来我家,为什么客人会把朋友带到我家?为了很好地回答这三个问题,我们使用旧方法来改变位置。如果是我们,我为什么要去这家商店消费?每个人的原因是不同的,但进入商店的大概率是窗户很有吸引力。那么,我们是否必须在窗口显示器上努力工作?窗户很明亮,很少有人会去陌生的商店打扰。如果你想尝试一下,你必须时尚和时尚。版本很慷慨。如果你想达成协议,你的嘴会更强大,更不用说质量好,价格低。也拿货真的很便宜,哈哈哈,你看,换位思考比较重要,一下子解决了顾客的挨家挨户问题,这不是最后几节培训课,教你读几篇报道,背诵几篇销售单词可以解决连锁店培训的员工不懂,但我们必须明白,对。虽然我轻描淡写地说了几句,但实际操作,却需要很长时间才能打磨,说窗户很有吸引力,那么如何提高自己的审美度呢?说时尚版的风格很大,是否有更高的商品需求?更不用说如何通过自己的努力获得供应商的支持,帮助您的客户找到更具成本效益的资源,并且需要时间来积累。After the customer pays the bill, why do you want to repeat the purchase in a few days, I think, it must not be because we are beautiful, hahaha, not because the joke that was told when the sale was very funny, it must be that you realized She wears it out and looks good, and some stores also use recharge, and the method of buying gifts is to slap the customer back to the next consumption. However, the seduce of any skill level is not as fast as your update, and the service can stimulate the customer's continuation. Looking back to the treasure hunt, some of the ultimate store can even be realized. In the morning, the friend circle is reserved for live broadcast. In the afternoon, when you get home, you will get a miracle. I can only know more than one store. Realize that, is it more interesting than those who order six months in advance, and the chickens that only sell those few models in the morning meeting? As for the first two questions, the answer is very good. The third question has become a matter of course. We all share the spirit. Where do you buy this set of clothes? It’s so beautiful, oh, that house is very good, I will take you there. You see, you are not talking about it. At this time, will you still envy the prestige of the store? In fact, I have said so many, smart ladies and sisters, I believe, you all know the truth, but when it comes to your implementation, I know that there will be such reasons. Today, I have to chase the drama yet. When I finished, I went to change the window. In the afternoon, the old classmates came. I want to accompany her to dinner. I will burn these clothes tomorrow. I will get the goods at his house every time. This time the goods are not very good, but I will be embarrassed if I don’t take them. This guest is very annoying. Every time I buy it, I sit for a long time. It’s raining. Going to open the door later today, no one will go out, hahaha, are you everyday? Therefore, the counterparts who are armed to the teeth are not terrible. Those who defeat us are those who sleep, so.f8f7e97eb8154581a399a393044ead6f