bbin线上游戏 When online media is launched, the information in all corners of our country has been well publicized. This is a good thing for ordinary people, because knowing a lot of news can prevent us from being deceived, so we can judge the transparency of information. How important it is to the public. And this reform is not just happening in real life. A pirate adventure survival game called《ATLAS》will also be transparent, and in the near future,《ATLAS》will update its epic third update, which appears. A very important resource map.


The so-called resource map means that all the resources of《ATLAS》will be marked on a piece of paper, no matter what animal you want to tame or you want to collect some materials can be seen from this map. This is a great thing for the average player, because they can enjoy the fun of the game better, especially some rare items such as high-end cooking, the former ordinary players can not find Give up on the materials for high-end cuisine, and these things will become a reality after the resource map is online.


However, for those players with a lot of resources, the resource map may not be so good. In the past, these resources were only known to them, so don't worry about other people coming to snatch. However, after the《ATLAS》resource map is online, the message becomes transparent. It is not so easy to enjoy these resources alone, and sometimes even some "bleeding" events will occur.